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Akademy 2008

Olaf Schmidt presented again about Standardizing Accessibility at Akademy 2008 in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Belgium.
More information can be found here: Standardising accesibility - a game changer for Free Software?.

Akademy 2007

Olaf Schmidt presented about Accessibility issues in KDE 4.x applications at Akademy 2007 in Glasgow, Scottland.
More information can be found here: Why accessibility bugs harm KDE and how to get rid of them.

Akademy 2006

Gunnar Schmi Dt gave a talk about Accessibility of KDE 4.x applications at Akademy 2006 in Dublin, Ireland.
More information can be found here: Accessibility of KDE 4.x applications.

Akademy 2005

Three KDE Accessibility talks were given at the KDE Users and Developer Conference 26 August - 4 September, 2005 Málaga (Andalusia Region), Spain.

Slides for the talk TTS Solutions for KDE 4 Accessibility given by Gary Cramblitt and Hynek Hanke (Brailcom.org):

  • First half ( KTTSD).
  • Second half (Speech-Dispatcher). (PDF) (TEX source requires HA-Prosper to compile)

Olaf Schmidt and Hynek Hanke gave the talk Changes needed in KDE4 to increase accessibility.

A transcript of the talk by Gunnar Schmi Dt, KDE for partially sighted users, is available.

Audio and video downloads of all three talks are available at ktown.kde.org/akademy2005/unprocessed/. Note: Skip the first 20 minutes of the TTS Solutions talk. Technical difficulties.

aKademy 2004

A few presentations about accessibility took place in Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart Region), Germany during the "Unix Accessibility Forum" by employees of IBM, Sun, and Trolltech.
More information about these presentations can be found here: Unix Accessibility Forum

International Free Software Competition 2003 in Soissons, France

The KDE Accessibility Project is proud to have received a trophy at the international Free Software competition Trophées Du Libre in Soissons, France.

Further information:
Photos of the event in Soissons

First IRC Meeting

An extremely busy IRC meeting took place on Friday, Sept 22, 2002, at 22 UTC. It was a great pleasure to chat with the other people involved with the KDE Accessibility Project, and it was very encouraging to see the various subprojects of KDEAP developing.

Further information:
Detailed summary of meeting 1

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