Image Description: The image is a mind-map image created by the View Your Mind application. It contains the word KTTSD in the center. Branching out from this center box in a tree-like manner are 4 branches to the left and 4 to the right. On the left, the top two branches are blue and the bottom two branches are green. The top branch, labeled DCOP, has two branches, labeled KDE Apps and KNotify. There is a red heart next to KNotify. The KDE Apps branch has 9 branches labeled KTTSMgr, Konqi, Kate, KSayIt, KMouth, KPDF, amaroK +, KAlarm, and Other KDE Apps. Next to KPDF is a frowning face. Next to amaroK + is a red heart. The second branch to the left of the center KTTSD is labeled (Future) DBUS. The green third branch is labeled message types and has 4 branches labeled Screen Reader Output, Warnings, Messages, and Text Jobs. The green fourth branch from KTTSD is labeled Talkers. The Talkers branch has 4 branches labeled a synth configured by, autoconfiguration, identified by talker codes, and apps specify desired talker attributes and KTTSD picks the closest matching talker. On the right, all four branches from the center KTTSD are blue. The top branch is labeled Filter Plugin and has a clock icon next to it. It has four branches labeled RegExp String Replacer, XML Transformer, Talker Chooser, and Sentence Boundary Detector (SBD). The RegExp String Replacer has three green branches labeled fix misspoken words, speak chat emoticons, and remove extraneous markup. The XML Transformer branch has three green branches labeled XHTML to SSML (rich speak), requires XSLT, and OASIS to SSML. There is a red heart next to XHTML to SSML (rich speak). There is a light bulb next to OASIS to SSML. The Talker Chooser branch has no sub branches. The Sentence Boundary Detector (SBD) branch has five green branches labeled reduces time-to-speak, permits advance/rewind, progress feedback to apps, SSML-aware, and only used for Text Jobs. The second branch on the right from KTTSD is labeled Synth Plugins. It has seven blue branches and one green branch. The seven blue branches are labeled Festival, Flite, Hadifix, Epos, FreeTTS, Command, and (Future). There is a light bulb next to (Future). The seventh, green branch is labeled .wav file and there is a clock icon next to it. The (Future) branch has three blue branches labeled Cepstral, IBM ViaVoice, and DECTalk. There is a question mark icon next to IBM ViaVoice and DECTalk. The third branch on the right from KTTSD is labeled Stretcher (SOX). It has one green branch labeled faster/slower speech. The fourth branch on the right from KTTSD is labeled Player Plugin. It has five blue branches labeled aRts, ALSA, GStreamer, aKode, and (Future). There is a green check mark next to aRts. There is a red exclamation mark next to ALSA. There are frowning faces next to GStreamer and aKode. There is a light bulb next to (Future). The ALSA branch has one green branch labeled device contention (dmix). The GStreamer branch has two green branches labeled version issues and slow to pause/stop. The aKode branch has a single green branch labeled no pause function. The (Future) branch has four blue branches labeled Jack, NAS, NMM, and KDEMM. The KDEMM branch has one green branch labeled no GUI and has a red exclamation mark. This completes the description of the image. Go back to return to the slide.