The image contains two mind-maps produced by the View Your Mind application. The top map is similar to the image in the Present Architecture and Demo slide and is accessible described here. The bottom map contains a box in the center labeled Speech Dispatcher. All branches are violet in color. There are two branches to the left labeled KDE Screen Reader and Gnopernicus. The KDE Screen Reader branch, which has a smiling icon next to it, has two branches labeled Qt/KDE 4 and AT SPI. The two branches to the right of Speech Dispatcher are labeled Synths and Audio Output. The Synths branch has eight branches labeled Festival, Flite, Command, Epos, Hadifix, Cepstral, IBM ViaVoice, and DECTalk. There are red question marks next to Cepstral, IBM ViaVoice, and DECTalk. The Audio Output branch has three branches labeled NAS, NMM, and KDEMM. This completes the description of the image. Go back to return to the slide.