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Overview and Schedule

Unix Accessibility Forum 2004
Sunday, 22.8
Development Talks
(also part of the KDE Developers and Contributors Conference)
13:00Opening Talk: Desktop Accessibility for Hackers
Aaron M Leventhal (IBM)
14:00The State of Unix Accessibility
Peter Korn (Sun Microsystems, GNOME Accessibility Project)
15:00Coffee break
15:30Making Qt/KDE Applications Accessible
Harald Fernengel (Trolltech, KDE Accessibility Project)
Monday, 23.8
Development Talks
9:00Strategies To Improve Accessibility on Unix
Janina Sajka (Chair of the FSG Accessibility Workgroup)
10:00Feeling Pictures with SeebyTouch - From Qt to KDE
Klaus Rieger (SeebyTouch project)
Presentations of Existing Solutions
11:00The Gnopernicus Architecture
Thomas Friehoff and/or Draghi Puterity (BAUM Retec AG, GNOME Accessibility Project)
Marco Skambraks (Novell/SuSE)
14:00GOK and Dasher - technologies for people with physical disabilities
Peter Korn (Sun Microsystems, GNOME Accessibility Project)
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Accessibility with KDE - Presentation and Outlook
Gunnar and Olaf Schmidt (KDE Acessibility Project)
16:30End of Unix Accessibility Forum

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