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Registration for the Unix Accessibility Forum 2004

The Unix Accessibility Forum 2004 will take place during the KDE Community World Summit. If you wish to participate at both events, you need to register only once. KDE Contributors are therefore asked to register via the KDE Community World Summit registration page.

Register as Free Software Contributor or Private Participant

Private participants, free software contributors and disabled people can register for free.

Participants with no or little income that would otherwise not be able to attend the Unix Accessibility Forum should contact Harald Fernengel for sponsoring.

Register as Corporate Participant

Corporate visitors are expected to pay a conference fee of 650.- EUR (or 500.- EUR for "early bird" registrations). However, we will not prevent you from registering as a free software contributor or private participant, if for some reason your company won't cover your registration fee. We just ask you to make the effort, and help us recover the costs of organizing this event, run by a free and non-profit Open Source Software project.

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