Chapter 7. Action Items

Nov 22 22:44:17 * jpsc Action Item: falonaj (Olaf) will be official maintainer of the web page
Nov 22 22:54:38 * jpsc Action Item: jpsc ("JP") should send an e-mail to the kde-www people about WAI compliance (I mean to add this a while ago)
Nov 22 22:57:48 * jpsc Action Item: take web site organization discussion offline, on mailing list
Nov 22 23:00:33 * jpsc Action Item: continue WAI compliance offline, on list
Nov 22 23:25:57 * jpsc Action Items: 1) 4 co-maintainers, JP as coordinator, 2) "busy" policies -- let other people know as soon as you're getting or about to get busy (via mailing list); 3) aim for AT-SPI back-end compliance in KDE; 4) hook minux up with GOK people and make sure GOK works well under KDE  
Nov 22 23:40:34 * jpsc Action Item: for danimo: e-mail mathias about this, perhaps CC some of us
Nov 23 00:25:43 * jpsc Action Items: 1) Dicuss on the list using using at-spi or atk in the middle (Pupeno, Gunnar) 2) Try to re-establish contact / liason with TrollTech, try to get them to extend their existing Windows accessibilit support (danimo, maybe jpsc)