What Should Be On It ?

Anything related to KDE Accessibility and accessibility in general. The Olaf Jan Schmidt's ideas weren't expressed on the meeting as they are in mail he sent to the mailing list: http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-accessibility&m=103800156403862&w=2

It was established that the KDE Accessibility page should be as standard as possible, including WAI compliance and should provide enough information to be seen in any browser including special features for handicapped persons.

As the new templates for the KDE web pages (exposed in http://www.kde.org/tests) will have all this features, duplication of work will be avoided (Daniel Molkentin). It is unknown if a new version of the KDE Accessibility web page will be published with the old templates.

Sites like TRACE center should be checked to use the correct terminology in the KDE Accessibility web page (Bill Haneman).