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Trophées Du Libre 2003

ThePhoto of the KDEAP trophy KDE Accessibility Project is proud to have received a trophy at the international Free Software competition Trophées Du Libre in Soissons, France.

The following people contributed to this success: Gunnar Schmidt (KDEAP maintainer, KMouth), Olaf Schmidt (KDEAP maintainer, website, reports), Sarang Lakare and Michael Forster (KMag), Jeff Roush (KMousetool), José Pablo Ezequiel Fernández (kttsd) and JP Schnapper-Casteras (KDEAP founder).

The KDEAP trophy
Photo of Olaf and Gunnar on the stage
Olaf and Gunnar Schmidt showing the trophy for the KDEAP. In the background of the stage, the names of the winners are sprayed onto a wooden wall by two 'grapheurs'.
The "Accessibility Row"
Photo of all accessibility nominees sitting together
During the day, we spent a lot of time together with the people from the GNOME Accessibility Project (GAP). The atmosphere between the accessibility projects was excellent. We used the opportunity to discuss possible interoperability effords.
All accessibility trophies
Group photo on the stage
Peter Korn (Gnopernicus), Simon Bates (GOK), the competition logo, Adriana Dascal (Gnopernicus), Olaf Schmidt (KDEAP), Gunnar Schmidt (KDEAP), showing the three trophies. Congratulations to Simon Bates for receiving the first trophy.
After the event
Photo of Peter Korn explaining the Gnopernicus
Directly after the event, Peter Korn from the Sun Accessibility Team explained GOK and Gnopernicus to an interested visitor, after having shown the programs to the KDEAP and to Richard M. Stallman earlier that day.
RMS talking about Free Software
Photo of Richard M. Stallman
During the morning of the event, Richard M. Stallman gave a French talk on Free Software, explaining it along the lines of 'Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite'. When the accessibility teams later received their trophies, Peter Korn explained how 'Liberte, Egalite et Fraternite' require accessibility as well.
Next morning
Photo of Gunnar Schmidt at breakfast
After having received the trophy, the KDEAP maintainers were brought to Paris by a bus hired for all the nominees. They stayed in the Youth Hostel 'Cite de Sciences', and had two wonderful days thanks to a street map presented by one of the organizers.
The Tour d'Eiffel
Photo of Olaf, the trophy and the Tour d'Eiffel
Olaf Schmidt in front of a famous tower in Paris, showing the trophy.
Close to the Bastille
Photo of some ships in a canal close to the Bastille
A photo taken from the place of the Bastille
The Seine
Photo of the Seine
The Seine is extremely beautiful, not only at night.
On top of a Seine bridge
Photo of a bridge over the Seine
The traffic on top of a Seine bridge.

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